Spirit of God (ed.) (2015)

Spirit of GodJeffrey W. Barbeau and Beth Felker Jones, eds. Spirit of God: Christian Renewal in the Community of Faith. Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic, 2015.

While the age of the Holy Spirit began with Pentecost, the twentieth century has seen an explosion in the Spirit’s work through the remarkable growth of Pentecostalism and the changing face of global Christianity. Despite these surprising developments, and the undeniable significance of the Holy Spirit throughout the life of the church, pneumatology too often remains a subject of misunderstanding and neglect. These essays, gathered from the 2014 Wheaton Theology Conference, provide an ecumenical exploration of the Holy Spirit’s person and work in biblical, historical, doctrinal, and practical perspective. In addition to essays on Augustine, Aquinas, creation and salvation, the volume features important contributions on the current shape of global Pentecostalism by leading scholars in the field. This collection includes contributions by Estrelda Y. Alexander, Allan Heaton Anderson, Jeffrey W. Barbeau, Oliver D. Crisp, Timothy George, Beth Felker Jones, Gregory W. Lee, Matthew Levering, Douglas Petersen, Sandra Richter, Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Geoffrey Wainwright, Michael Welker, and Amos Yong.

“Introducing key themes, figures and movements in the biblical and historical theology of the Holy Spirit, covering major areas of contemporary theology and ecclesiology from a pneumatological perspective and with an eye toward their implications for Christian thought, life and ministry by leading Protestant, Pentecostal and Catholic theologians, Spirit of God makes an effective entry point to the leading edge of the field of pneumatology.”

—Steven M. Studebaker, McMaster Divinity College

“What a wonderful book. As the church seeks to know, experience and discern the person and work of the Spirit in its local and global life, these essays are a thoughtful, wise and encouraging accompaniment. They remind us of God’s faithful presence among us from creation’s beginning, throughout history and in the mystery of the triune life, until the final new creation. They also provide multiple entry points with which to join the wide-ranging and much-needed conversations of the church as it seeks to follow the leading of the Spirit and participate eschatologically in the triune mission of God.”

—Cherith Fee Nordling, Northern Seminary

“I wish Spirit of God had been available when I planned my seminar on the Holy Spirit; I would have adopted it as a textbook. If I teach it again, I will adopt it. It’s a marvelous survey of contemporary biblical and theological reflections on the Holy Spirit by evangelical scholars. I highly recommend it to all who are interested in this topic of current interest. The chapter ‘Stories of Grace: Pentecostals and Social Justice’ is worth the price alone.”

—Roger E. Olson, George W. Truett Theological Seminary