Think about this (for students) . . . 

DSC06811Working as a professor involves more than globe-trotting adventures (think, Indiana Jones). In addition to developing collegial relationships in smaller, specialized research associations (my favorite—without question—is The Friends of Coleridge), read the standard publication of the profession: The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Read great literature. Read TLS. Listen to the NYTimes Book Review podcast. Read widely.

Never stop working on your writing. Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird isn’t intended for academic writers, but the foundations of composition are the same.

If you are thinking about applying to pursue a Ph.D., consider the wise guidance of John Stackhouse.

Finally, don’t wait to begin thinking about teaching until you are asked to write a statement of teaching philosophy. Talk to your favorite professors about what matters most to them, ask other students about their experiences, and—by all means—read Patrick Allitt’s delightful book.

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